These instructions contain modified Dj Tech Tools Instant Gratification mapping:

DJTT IG Mapping

What you’ll get:

First things first: I won’t take any responsibility which could or could not have been caused by this mapping. No warranty, no support, pure fun! Leds still require some work, but the rest of the stuff should be quite solid. You’ll need WiFi, both your computer and iPad have to be in same network. For best performance it is recommended that you’ll create an ad-hoc WiFi network between your iPad and Mac (click Airport icon on top of your screen => Create network). I haven’t had any trouble / lag in my home WiFi environment, but some people are complaining that the WiFi can cause huge lag for the operation. There can also be some lost packages (e.g. you push a button on iPad => nothing happens on Traktor) to which the ad-hoc network should help.

Mac running Traktor Pro / S4 / Pro 2 / Scratch
TouchOSC for iPad and TouchOSC editor for your Mac
Osculator, demo version works, but full version is recommended :)

Step by step instructions for setup:

1) Install the applications mentioned above on your computer / iPad

2) Download and unzip iMidifighter files

3) Open the file “iMidifighter_4banks_leds.touchosc” in your TouchOSC Editor and press “Sync” button.

4) Start TouchOSC on your iPad, go to layout view and press “Add” => Select your computer as a host after which the layout will be synchronized to your iPad.

5) Go back to the main screen of TouchOSC, go to “Network” section and make sure that the incoming and outgoing ports are set (I use 8000 for outgoing and 8001 for incoming)

6) Start Osculator on your Mac and open the “iMidifighter_4banks_leds” file. If you see “Port 8000 already in use” error message, you’ll have to close other Osculator windows which might be open and then press the “Start” button on top left corner of Osculator’s screen.


7) Check your TouchOSC on iPad, your computer should now be visible on the Network view. Choose your computer’s name and go back to TouchOSC main screen on which you can press “Done” on upper right corner => you’ll see the layout of Channel A

8) On Osculator, go to Parameters view and scroll down the list until you’ll see “LaiPad” written in red => Press any key on your TouchOSC client on iPad and then press the “Gear and downwards arrow” next to any row and choose your own iPad on the list.

Osculator parameters

9) Start up Traktor, go to preferences => controller management => Export your current layout (will be deleted during next step) and then press “Import” on bottom of the preferences window and import the “iMidifighter_leds.tsi”. Don’t use the “Add => Import” route, as it will not work properly.

10) If you e.g. have Traktor S4 controller, you can add the mapping by pressing Add => Traktor => Kontrol S4 path after which you can use the controller normally.

Traktor import

After all this is done, you should now have a working iMidifighter. If you have e.g. some trouble with the EFX (wrong EFX loaded when you press the button), you could try to re-import the tsi file to Traktor. Next time you want to take the layout in use, all you have to do is to start TouchOSC on your iPad, Osculator on your Mac, load the template and then start Traktor.

Have fun!


Top of the screen: Switch between decks (A-B-C-D)
First row: Unmapped, you can map these to e.g. cue points / play, pause or whatever you want
Rest of the rows: IG Mapping
Freeze: Freezes the effects which are on when this button is pressed. Free your hands and keep the delay / beatmashers ongoing :)

6 Responses to iMidifighter

  1. Tom says:

    The effects sometimes stick on if held for longer than a second.

    So say I hold filter for a while it locks on when releasing from ipad, then have to press again to unlock it.

    Any ideas why?

  2. Teemu Laine says:

    That’s most probably related to e.g. a package which is lost in transit due to which the end message (which should be sent when you lift you finger) is not transmitted to Traktor properly. I had the same problem myself with one WLAN router.

    Best way to cure this is by using ad-hoc network connection, then this kind of problems should be minimal. If you still encounter problems… Well, there’s not much that you can do.

  3. Calvin says:

    This is great! I’m just have a couple problems. The top buttons don’t change the deck, and none of the effects are the gater, if I try to change them from the traktor screen they change back. This is all a little confusing for me so sorry to bother you.

  4. Calvin says:

    P.S. the bottom two left buttons control the fln-f but the the corner one doesn’t seem to do anything. I think I might have messed up the install somehow.

  5. Calvin says:

    Ugh sorry to blow up this wall. But it just completely stopped working halfway through a song. is there any way to just start over?

  6. Teemu Laine says:

    To me it sounds like that you imported the files to Traktor incorrectly. I’ve done the same and this causes very similar symptoms. My recommendation is that you remove the Traktor mappings manuall and then check the step 9 of the instructions (use the import button on the bottom of the controller manager screen).

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